Michael Ourednik Argotlunar

Michael Ourednik has released Argotlunar, a free realtime granulator effect plugin for VST hosts.

A grain is a short sample of an input audio stream. Argotlunar can play up to 20 grains simultaneously, with each grain having unique and adjustably random settings of delay, amplitude, panning, duration, filter, pitch and glissando.

The implementation is comparable to the AudioMulch® Nebulizer.

Argotlunar features

  • Parabolic grain amplitude envelope.
  • 12dB state variable filter (HP/BP/LP/Notch).
  • Program change can be modulated by VST parameter.
  • Feedback is capable of self-oscillation.

Argotlunar is available as a free download under the GNU GPLv2 license. It is currently available as binaries for Windows and Linux. The source code is also available.

More information: Argotlunar