Universal Piper

Universal Piper, a virtual bagpipe instrument for Windows and Mac, was updated to version 1.2.

Universal Piper is a new instrument that aims at faithfully reproducing the sound and the playing sensation of bagpipes of any types.

The idea of this new instrument emerged facing the limitations encountered with a real bagpipe while composing, rehearsing or playing on stage, especially with other tempered instruments (guitar, piano).

Changes in Universal Piper v1.2

  • New sound library: two new chanters and updated GHB factory presets.
  • Chanter reverb control over Control Change.
  • In VSTi, MIDI output of the notes after chanter mode management to be used in any other plugin.
  • Staccato supported for MIDI input.
  • Modulation is now downward instead of upward.
  • Fix: several modifications on the bww reader.
  • Fix: detune not always taken into account after program change.
  • Fix: “inverse” command not taken into account for continuous MIDI Control Change.

Universal Piper is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) for 69 EUR.

More information: Universal Piper