Michael Picher has announced the release of Baking Pan-demonium, a sample library in which Michael set himself the goal to go nuts and sample as many baking pans as he could.

Michael Picher Baking Pan demonium

Everyone has turned a baking pan into some kind of impromptu drum at some point in their life.

So, I sampled 9 pans of varying size and shape, in more detail than any sane person would want to do, covering a wide array taps, crashes, tings, and smashes!

Baking Pan-demonium features

  • 9 unique baking pans, varying in size and shape.
  • Finger, wooden stick, and metal stick strikes.
  • 3 dynamic layers.
  • Up to 8x round robin.
  • Dry samples, for maximum flexibility.
  • “Close” and “Far” microphone perspectives
    • 2 small diaphragm condenser microphones.
    • 1970s dynamic microphone available in “Close” perspective.

The full version of Baking Pan-demonium costs $35 USD, with a single pan version available as a free download. The library works with Plogue’s free sforzando SFZ player.

More information: Michael Picher