MidiKarval MidiRouter

MidiKarval has released MidiRouter, a VST midi processor made for all live performing keyboardists whose gear is “simply” a midi keyboard and a computer stored with VST instruments.

MidiRouter stands in your VST host between its midi in and your VST instruments (up to eight instruments, each one assigned to a different midi channel) and allows you to change the transmitting midi channel and, as a consequence, the playing instrument and the relevant volume level in different ways:

  1. from the MidiRouter’s interface using the mouse (directly pushing on the relevant blue labels to choose the instrument to be played and clicking and vertically dragging on the relevant white number to increase or decrease the volume level);
  2. sending Control Change messages from your midi keyboard, using its buttons, knobs or sliders (“CC mode”);
  3. using some (4 or 8) keys of your midi keyboard to choose the instrument to be played (“Keys mode”), whilst you have to use the a) or b) method above in order to change the volume level.

MidiRouter is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC and costs 20 EUR. A fully functional deom version is available for download from the product page (expires after 15 minutes of use, remove and re-load it in your host to use it again).

Visit MidiKarval for more information.