Mikko Maducdoc releases Milk Guitar v1.8 (beta)

Mikko Maducdoc Milk Guitar

Mikko Maducdoc has released Milk Guitar, a freeware strummable, midi-controlled diatonic guitar VST instrument for Windows PC.

Ever wanted to have that crunchy, evenly strummed guitar part for your recordings, but can’t get a clean take? Maybe you can’t really strum or your pro hands simply want to have a break. Whatever the case may be, here’s a FREE vst instrument from one of our artists, that can add a perfect rhythm to your song… Milk Guitar!

Milk Guitar features

  • A strummable, MIDI-controlled virtual instrument.
  • Contains a few well-sampled chords that are easy to play and and strum using your midi keyboard.
  • Several built-in effects including room and reverb controls, harmonics, bass cut filter, and the super-sweet stereo widening effect.
  • Transpose feature allows you to play in any key.

Additional guitar models are available from Mikko Maducdoc’s website.

Visit Mikko Maducdoc for more information and a link to download Milk Guitar.

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Hi! I’ve updated the current version with fresh samples, it’s now available. I’ve also uploaded new mp3’s to demonstrate its capabilities.


I checked the audio samples out and this plug sounds great! The problem I have… is that it uses
the .msi file ext, which I’m not crazy about!

I prefer to manually install plugs when they’re not from commercial sources like CakeWalk, etc…

Even though I don’t intend to download it… I think It’s a great plug.


I’ve uploaded a ZIP download so you can manually copy the plugin to your vst folder. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Andy Mathew
Andy Mathew

I am quite excited about acquiring this product.
It was highly recommended to me by my music technology lecturer at my university.

I hope to hear from you soon.