Musicrow Golden Ensembles II

Musicrow has released Golden Ensembles II, an exclusive collection of 38 cutting-edge ensembles for NI Reaktor 5.

Synthesizers, effects and creative audio tools- everything is packed, with hundreds of presets ready to be used.

Golden Ensembles II features

  • Synthesizers – Cobra, Orpheus, Oberline, Bass Lab, Trancoid, CX, and Blue Crow.
  • Other Instruments – Piano Magic, Theremin, Brass Machine, Future Bass, Accordion, and Vinyl.
  • Sound Generators – Chaos.
  • Classics Processors – Plate Reverb, Tape Echo, Osmosis Filter, Green Tape, Tube Compressor, Vintage Chorus, Mood Filter, Ultraverb, Ultra Chorus, Tape Flanger, Preamp Emulator, Ultra Phaser, DX3, Graphic Equalizer, and Tremolo.
  • Sound Design Tools – Executer, Magician, White FX, GrainD lay, Electroverb, Drive, Space Boy, Vocal Modeler, and Gold Delay.

Golden Ensembles II is available for €119 EUR / $159 USD. Version 1 (Crow Gold Pack) users can upgrade for €20 EUR / $25 USD.

More information: Musicrow / Golden Ensembles II