Mildon Studios has released SLVR Spreader, a stereo expander effect plug-in for Windows.

SLVR Spreader is a state-of-the-art stereo widener suitable for mixing and mastering. It combines different stereo imaging technologies, letting you apply ample amounts of widening without weakening the overall sound.

Use it on individual tracks like vocals and on group tracks like drums, all the way to the final master.

SLVR Spreader features

  • Three powerful modes:
    • Wide mode uses a mid-side algorithm for widening the signal. This is suitable for stereo recordings, group tracks, and mastering.
    • Delay mode spreads the signal’s frequencies across the stereo image and applies minute amounts of delay to emphasize the stereo effect. This can be used to fatten ambient sounds like vocals and pads.
    • Shuffle mode interleaves the signal’s frequencies and spreads them across the stereo image. While the stereo effect is less pronounced in this mode, it can help the signal cut-through a busy mix without introducing artifacts or phase issues.
  • 3 Channel Meters: separate meters for Left, Center, and Right channels, allowing you to apply just the right amount of widening to the signal. For best results, increase the Spread fader until the Center peak is at the same level as or just above the Left and Right peaks.

SLVR Spreader for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $14 USD until 31 May, 2012 (regular $29 USD).