Minimal System Instruments releases Analogue Ableton Producer Toolkit 2

Minimal System Instruments Analogue Ableton Producer Toolkit 2

Minimal System Instruments has introduced the Analogue Ableton Producer Toolkit 2, a collection of audio effect racks for Ableton Live.

The Analogue Ableton series is designed so that the user has a highly usable suite of tools inspired and modelled on true outboard analogue hardware. The unmistakable sound of analogue is present in each one of the fifteen audio effect racks contained within this package.

Analogue Ableton Producer Toolkit 2 features

  • 2254R Compressor – Modelled on a the popular 2254R outboard compressor from Neve.
  • A-3630 Compressor – Modelled on the workhorse 3630 compressor from Alesis.
  • L2 Compressor – Modelled on the well known Waves hardware compressor.
  • MSI 525 Compressor – Modelled on a popular 500 series compressor.
  • Retro Compressor – Modelled on a collection of outboard compressors built for Abbey Road.
  • RNLA7239 Compressor – Modelled on FMR’s flagship compressor.
  • Smart C2 Compressor – Modelled on the boutique Smart Research compressor.
  • Super Band Pass Filter – A wild multi-layer filter for analogue depth and character.
  • Analogue Band Pass Filter – Lush sound and character in an easy to use rack.
  • Analogue High Pass Filter – Designed for both producers and DJ’s.
  • Analogue Low Pass Filter – Designed for both producers and DJ’s.
  • Analogue Notch Filter – Analogue motion and character.
  • Depth Filter – Full of character and motion, an MSI favourite.
  • Complex EQ – For detailed mixing and mastering duties.
  • Lode Star Drums – Transform your drums with this unique rack.

Analogue Ableton Producer Toolkit 2 is available to purchase for £5 GBP.

More information: Minimal System Instruments

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aaron bergman
aaron bergman

Just out of curiosity, but how is it possible to create accurate models of analog equipment only using Live’s built in FX?

Tom Wies
Tom Wies

Don’t discuss ;) Try the products, Amazing Products for Ableton for a low budget ;)

aaron bergman
aaron bergman

If they just said we made some really cool presets for very little money I think I might go for it.

Paul (MSI)
Paul (MSI)

Hi Aaron, This is Paul from Minimal System Instruments, The Analogue Ableton Producer Toolkit Series is an attempt to make usable instrument and effect racks using only Live’s built in processors. Obviously this limits what can be done but it is quite possible to model certain hardware processors and recreate their tone and character using the controls and options in Live’s effects and mixing tools. In the packs you will find chains of effects where the macro’s have been set up to recreate the controls found on the hardware. The values of the controls have also been edited, for example… Read more »

aaron bergman
aaron bergman

Thank you, Paul. That is a very helpful answer. I will check them out.

aaron bergman
aaron bergman

Thank you, Paul. That is a very helpful answer. I will check them out.