Creator of the world’s first mixing platform powered by AI, RoEx has announced the unveiling of a free audio mix and master diagnostic tool.

Mix Check Studio is an intuitive web application, capable of identifying typical mixing and mastering issues such as:

  • clipping,
  • phase issues,
  • mono compatibility,
  • stereo field,
  • appropriate loudness levels,
  • as well as assessing the tonal characteristics for different genres.

The app subsequently offers practical suggestions to the user for improvement.

David and the team at RoEx are musicians and engineers; they know the challenges facing music creators. Speaking about Mix Check Studio, RoEx founder David Ronan says:

“I’m thrilled to offer this powerful free tool to artists at all stages of development. Mix Check Studio is just the start of our imaginative plans to help music creators produce their best work.”

43x Platinum & 7x Grammy nominated Mix & Mastering Engineer Rich Keller has said:

“With tools like Mix Check Studio that guides creators to improve their skills, RoEx is on the cutting edge of the AI audio processing revolution. I can only imagine how powerful this platform will become in the hands of a seasoned pro or a bedroom songwriter. RoEx will redefine your workflow and help you find the sound you’ve been dreaming of.”

You can try the app for free at the Mix Check Studio website.