Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on the Mixroom intelligent and versatile equalizer plugin by Mastering the Mix.

Mixroom helps you improve your mixes with genre and channel specific EQ target suggestions and specifically designed EQ filters that deliver maximum clarity and transparency in the mid and high frequency range.

MIXROOM is an intelligent EQ that guides you to set the perfect balance of richness and clarity whether you’re working on a vocal, a synth or mastering your music.

MIXROOM analyses your audio and shows you which frequencies could be adjusted to improve your sound. The EQ target suggestion helps you get a solid starting point, from which you can tweak your sound to suit your preference.

The plugin is on sale for £35.95 USD / $42 USD until February 28th, 2023 (regular £49 GBP). It comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.

More information: Mastering The Mix