Modartt Pianoteq Cimbalom

Modartt has released a Cimbalom add-on for Pianteq, a virtual piano instrument for Windows, Mac and Linux.

This is a physically modelled virtual copy of cimbalom Balázs Kovács (2007).

The cimbalom belongs to the ancestor psaltery, quoted in the bible. The psaltery was later developed into different variants which differed in sound but were similar in their constructive concept. One of these, the cimbalom, was a constant member of gypsy orchestras. Legs and a damper pedal were soon added to the instrument and it reached the status of concert instrument in the 19th Century, thanks to Ferenc Erkel and Franz Liszt.

Contrarily to the piano, pressing down a key does not lift the corresponding damper. Hence, unless the pedal is depressed, all notes are immediately dampened.

The Cimbalom add-on is available as a free Christmas gift to all Pianoteq customers.

More information: Modartt