ModeAudio has introduced its latest sample pack featuring a collection of found percussion samples. Metalworks includes 390 percussion sounds, 15 drum kits, and more.

Metalwork comes to you direct from a genuine forge, where we spent hours capturing the hammering, shrieking & sizzling of industrial machinery & white-hot metal!

From the roaring of grinders & saws to the clanging of tongs, jangling of chains & crackling of welders, this carefully recorded sonic feast offers up an expansive range of shimmering, real-world aural firepower.

The sample pack is priced £16 GBP.

Other recent releases include:

  • Vinyl Drums (£16 GBP): 357 irresistible, royalty-free drum samples, drenched in the unmistakeable crackle and purest punch of 12″ plastic.
  • Mythology (£20 GBP): Discover torrents of menacing synth drones, reverb-drenched SFX, thundering sub bass and a whole panoply of smouldering noise textures.
  • First Light (£14 GBP): 50 royalty-free patches for Vital, blissfully atmospheric and steeped in detail and subtle sonic nuance.

Additionally, ModeAudio is offering a 50% discount on the Apparition pack of sinister drones, rustling textures and cinematic percussion. Use coupon code APPA50 at the checkout to get the discount (valid until September 30th, 2022).

More information: ModeAudio