ModeAudio has released its new sample pack Superposition, a collection of cinematic loops and samples that aims to help you create your very own sonic supercollider and unleash the quantum power of smashed sonic atoms inside your next music production.

Take your music on an epic voyage from the outer fringes of the galaxy to the very heart of the atom with our latest selection of widescreen sounds, Superposition!

Fire an ocean of inspirational sonic molecules into your DAW with this 654MB trove of loops, samples & MIDI, crafting entire worlds of SciFi resonances & dystopian vibrations before your very ears.

Also available is Satellite, a batch of Ambient Techno loops including subtly shifting soundscapes, deep bass grooves and propulsive rhythms.

Like laserbeams searing through thick fog, Satellite is a 444MB cosmic collision between the contrasting worlds of smokey Ambient & thundering Techno.

We’re bringing our signature focus on rich textures & organic synth ambiences to the dancefloor for this orbital release, a heady mix of throbbing beats, shimmering harmonies & swirling, rhythmic noise layers!

The packs are available for purchase for £18 GBP each.

More information: ModeAudio