ModernBeats has released Vox Chantz 1: Long Cuts, a sample library featuring over 500 hip hop vocal samples.

Vox Chantz is 320MB in size and features a wide variety of dynamic hip hop vocal samples & chants designed for today’s hip hop & urban music. The chant and shout styles provided extend from “Yeah!” to “Fool!” to “What?!” to “Beeyatch!” and more.

Vox Chantz 1: Long Cuts features

  • 36 male vocal chant groups.
  • Each chant group contains 14 separate stacked chant samples, all 2-3 seconds in length.
  • Each chant group includes 4 levels of intensity and size (small, medium, xxl, fx).
  • All 36 vocal chant groups load automatically via 7 different provided formats into your software sampler of choice: Reason NN-XT, EXS24, Kontakt, Battery, Halion, Soundfont and WAV.

Vox Chantz 1: Long Cuts is available as a download for $39.95 USD.

Visit MordernBeats for more information and audio demos.