Mokafix Audio Blue Reeds

Mokafix Audio has released Blue Reeds and Glue Reeds, two classic reed electric pianos with seamless dynamics and unmatched tone flexibility.

Blue Reeds is a physical emulation of a reed Electric Piano. It faithfully reproduces the very specific characteristics of this mythic instrument by emulating the whole process, separating reed movement from the electrostatic pickup response. The result is a very dynamic instrument with a unique tone. A set of fine tuning parameters let you tweak the instrument inner settings. Blue Reeds also features a FX section with stomp boxes, an amp with build in spring reverb and a cabinet simulator.

Blue Reeds features

  • 4 core pianos presets.
  • Velocity curve control.
  • Seamless dynamic response.
  • Endless sustain decay (no samples = no loops).
  • Advanced parameters adjustments.
  • 3 FX slots with 7 stomp boxes each.
  • Amp and cab simulation with spring reverb.
  • Midi automation on most parameters.

Blue Reeds is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for 49 EUR.

Mokafix Audio Glue Reeds
Glue Reeds is a virtual electric piano based on a Pianet mechanism.

Like the Wurlitzer, it used reeds, like the Rhodes it had individual pickups, and like no other instrument it used sticky foam pads to pull and release the reeds instead of a hammer to hit them.

Glue Reeds features

  • Velocity curve control.
  • Physical parameters adjustments.
  • Seemless dynamic response.
  • Endless sustain decay.
  • Authentic EP sound thanks to Reactive Synthesis.

Glue Reeds is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Mokafix Audio / Blue Reeds / Glue Reeds