MoMinstruments has announced an update to its Elastic Drums drum synth app for iOS.

With the version 2.3 update you can now route up to 6 Elastic Drums channels separately into your preferred InterApp Audio host, to use InterApp Audio or AUv3 effects on top of them.

What many people love about Elastic Drums is, that it already comes with tons of great internal effects (2×13 Mono, 2×11 Stereo), which are playable in a very creative way via the built in XY pad (Kaoss Pad style) and that you can automate/record your tweakings even. But now with Eventide entering the iOS platform with 3 effects, iOS effects are definitely becoming studio-quality.

With update 2.3 you can still use Elastic Drums internal effects and go crazy on the XY pad, but now you can also combine that with an Eventide Blackhole reverb on a channel of your choice. When you route an individual channel directly to the host, this channels gets disconnected form ED’s master out and from ED’s effects, to avoid phase shifting effects and audio chaos.

Note that enabling multiple outputs for an app is possible with InterApp-Audio only, so this feature is not available with AUv3.

Elastic Drums is available from the App Store for $9.99 USD.

MoMinstruments is kindly offering Rekkerd readers the chance to get a free download of the app. Simply leave a comment below and you might be one of three winners.

More information: MoMinstruments