Momo has announced the release of a software editor for the Model:Samples six track groovebox by Elektron.

Momo Elektron Model Samples

This Editor for the Elektron “Model Samples” facilitates the sound adjustment of the 6 Tracks.

Model Samples Editor features

  • Direct access to all parameters.
  • Hidden parameters for LFO and FX are easy to use.
  • All Patterns can also be selected directly.
  • Additionally there is a solo function for the 6 tracks.
  • With the X/Y Pads all parameters can be controlled; they are especially suitable as faders between the tracks.
  • Perfect for integrating Model:Samples into the DAW. All parameters can be automated and saved with the DAW project.

The Elektron Model Sampler Editor is available in VST and AU plugin formats, as well as standalone software for Windows and Mac.

It costs 5.90 EUR.

More information: Momo