Following the full release of the GE series multi-effects pedal lineup, the MOOER team brings a brand-new mobile experience with GE Labs.

With GE Labs and a compatible audio interface, 171 amp models and stompboxes, as well as MOOER’s proprietary MNRS (MOOER Nonlinear Response Sample) technology can all be accessed from your iOS or iPad OS device. Users can sample any tone from their real-life amps, cabs, and overdrive pedals with GE Labs via MNRS Engine 2.0 and export them in to their GE series multi-effects pedals.

Users can upload/download preset patches from MOOER Cloud. MNRS Project allows users to upload and download the sample files from directly and export the files to their GE series pedals to enjoy.

Support for iOS compatible audio interfaces, MIDI controllers. It can be used to control effects parameters and switch presets during live performance.

The GE Labs app is a free download from the App Store.

More information: GE Labs