As a tribute to the timeless aesthetic of the legacy Moog modular systems that inspired the creation of Grandmother and Matriarch, both synthesizers are now available in an all-black design.

Moog Dark Series

The new visual twist for these two synthesizers is a nod to the modular control panel designs that inspired their very creation.

Grandmother and Matriarch’s circuits, spirit, and analog effects are inspired by the classic Moog modular synthesizers designed by Bob Moog during the ’60s and ’70s. These instruments quickly became a staple in studio setups and live performance settings, a go-to first synthesizer for beginners, and a multifaceted creative tool used by musicians of all skill levels to explore the power of analog sound.

A complement to the distinct multi-colored artwork of the original Matriarch and Grandmother synthesizers, Dark Series presents a style option that celebrates the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Both instruments are now shipping worldwide.

New exploratory patches are now available to download for Matriarch and Grandmother registered owners.

These 30 patches (16 for Grandmother and 14 for Matriarch) are designed to guide your eternal experimentation and open your mind to each instrument’s unparalleled analog sound. Visit to access the latest patch sheets right in your account.

Along with the inspiring new patch ideas, firmware v1.2.0 for Matriarch and v1.1.0 for Grandmother are now available for both versions of the instruments (original edition and Dark Series).

The updates feature a new sync engine that keeps the internal arp/sequencer, analog clock, and MIDI all tightly locked in phase; a new easy method to reset global settings to defaults; a new Envelope Multi-Trig mode for Grandmother; and many other firmware enhancements, new features, and bug fixes based on customer feedback for both instruments.

Moog has also announced that Matriarch and Grandmother SR Series Cases are now available to pre-order.

Moog SR Matriarch Case

Developed with artists for artists, Moog SR Series Cases were meticulously designed based on conversations with musicians to protect these two instruments better than any other offering on the market. These durable, weather-resistant protective cases ensure that your Moog Grandmother or Matriarch synthesizer (original colorway or Dark Series) are safeguarded at home, in the studio, and away.

Featuring generous padding around a semi-rigid ABS shell, water-resistant zippers, non-slip straps, and ample storage, Moog SR Series Cases offer complete protection, comfort, and convenience—so that you can continue to create with your favorite synths for years to come.

The cases are shipping next month.

More information: Moog Music