Morevox MSP

Morevox has announced MSP, a new impulse response library.

Spring verbs with fat and rich tails, Modulated Plates, Dense Spring with early plate sound … these are only few “dream” verb sounds that are now truth with MSP.

MSP has been developed mixing several top quality modern and vintage hardware though the unique MoReVoX IRs design based on the M/S harmonics distortion.

The 200 MSP IRs are divided into Modulated and Spring-Plate; the Modulated category contains a rich collection of dense Plates and Rooms modulated with extensive use of Leslies, the Spring-Plate category instead contains outstanding dense Springs made unique with Plate sounds components.

How MSP sounds? MSP, like all the MoReVoX IRs, has an unique sound not directly comparable to any other hardware or plug-in on the market: MSP has an original sound, because it synthesize complex fx chains.

Vintage style evocative ambiences perfect for guitars, unusual wide and modulated plate/spring verbs able to transform poor virtual instrument into record ready sounds, perfect ambiences able to enhance and to define the instrument position in the mix the goal for orchestral sounds and more.. MSP means new and unique dimensions for your sounds, start now!

MSP will be available on 6 September, priced at $49 USD. A preorder is available for $39 USD until September 5, 2010. Retròverb users can purchase MSP at $29 USD, and a bundle of Retròverb3 and MSP is $89 USD.

Morevox has already released MSP Free, a free pack of 10 IRs.

More information: Morevox / MSP