Morevox is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its MSP “Modulated – Spring – Plate” collection of reverb impulse responses by offering it as a free download for a limited time.

Spring verbs with fat and rich tails, Modulated Plates, Dense Spring with early plate sound … these are only few “dream” verb sounds that are now truth with MSP.
MSP has been developed mixing several top quality modern and vintage hardware though the unique MoReVoX IRs design based on the M/S harmonics distortion.

The 200+ MSP IRs are divided into Modulated and Spring-Plate; the Modulated category contains a rich collection of dense Plates and Rooms modulated with extensive use of Leslies, the Spring-Plate category instead contains outstanding dense Springs made unique with Plate sounds components.

The offer expires April 15th, 2020.

More information: Morevox