Motion Soundscape has introduced a new multi-effect application that is designed to realistically simulate the natural lo-fi and warm aesthetics of notable retro gear from the early digital age.

Most of the effects in VintageRack have been inspired and based on the principles of actual hardware from the ’70s and ’80s, allowing you to treat your sounds with the nostalgic and emotional mood of old recordings.

VintageRack features

  • Analog-style compressor.
  • 3-band equalizer typical for mixing consoles.
  • Classic and reverse delays with modulation feature.
  • 2 modules of Chorus simulating two well known devices.
  • 2 modules of Flanger with different options and tones.
  • 2 modules of Phaser with various sound character.
  • AutoWah with several filters based on envelope generator.
  • Combined effect of Tremolo and Vibrato with separate rate.
  • Ring modulator with additional modulation of carrier.
  • 2 types of Fuzz with modulated filters.
  • Simulation of one of the early digital reverbs.
  • Input slot contains Noise gate and Automatic gain control.
  • Output slot contains tape-style saturation and 3 general types of tonestack.

Priced $12.99 USD, VintageRack is available as a universal application for iOS and macOS (AUv3).

More information: Motion Soundscape