MP25 B is a freeware VSTi based on oscillator waveforms from old Soviet synths.


MP25 B features

  • 3 oscillators, 1 noise generator
  • Waveforms: sine A, sine B, triangle, saw A, saw B, square, circuit A, circuit B
  • 24db LP filter
  • tempo synced LFO controlling osc pitch
  • analogue oscillator unstability to recreate random voltage in transistors/resistors
  • ADSR controls (also for noise generator)
  • Mono/Poly mode
  • Portamento/slide levels

The poly mode can be pretty tough on the CPU so use caution when switching from mono mode. MP25 B does not have any presets, however it does come with a manual which is good because from the interface it’s a bit hard to see what everything is.

MP25 B is a free download for Windows (32-bit VST).

 MP25 B (Download size: 8.4MB)