MPC-Samples has announced the release of The Pro Studio Kit, a fully multisampled acoustic drum kit for all MPCs and NI Maschine.

The Pro Studio Kit is the third release in our on-going series of multisampled drum kits, this time bringing you the premier sound of one of the world’s most sought after drum kits, the Sonor Designer Kit.

The kit has a full-bodied, warm tone with plenty of natural character, making it a great all rounder for any style of music – without question, this has to be THE most versatile and realistic sounding acoustic drum kit you can get for the MPC, with 16 different articulations painstakingly multisampled over multiple velocity switching levels using a whopping 11 different mics to ensure we’ve captured all its natural tone, timbre and nuances.

The Pro Studio Kit is compatible with all MPC models and NI Maschine, with dedicated programs for models that support ‘Round Robin (Cycle)’ playback (e.g. MPC Software, JJOSXL, MPC5000), a low memory version for older MPCs and a 12 pad version for the MPC500.

The sample pack is available for purchase for 27.99 EUR. The Pro Studio Kit is also included in a bundle (save 30% off) along with other fully multisampled drum kits, the 60s Funk Kit and Raw 70s Kit.

More information: MPC-Samples / The Pro Studio Kit