Msixty7 has released an update to its RAST-A, the “Recreated Analogue Synth Technology Instrument A” for HALion and HALion Sonic SE.

RAST-A 2.0

RAST-A is a 6-voice instrument modeled after a classic, polyphonic, ’80s analog synthesizer by Oberheim.

RAST-A for HALion is an homage to the legendary voltage-controlled synthesizers of the 1980s. It not only models the musical influence of individual hardware components on the sound, but also simulates the temperature drift of VCOs. Combined with a classic modeled filter, you get all the tools to bring back the vibrant sound that we all loved so much.

Changes in RAST-A v2.0

  • 52 new Presets.
  • The filter envelope can now be used for pitch modulation.
  • In addition to the standard vintage filter from RAST-A, high and band pass has been added.
  • The filters can be switch from 12dB to 24dB.
  • The effect of the filter envelope on the filter can be inverted.

RAST-A is available at 40% off from Steinberg, priced 35.99 EUR including German VAT until August 31st, 2020. The update is free for owners of RAST-A.

More information: Msixty7