MSXII Sound Design Fuzz & Drums

MSXII Sound Design has launched Fuzz & Drums, a hybrid kit featuring dusty breaks, fuzzy guitar stems, vintage, warm basses, meticulously recorded and pre-mixed to the highest standard.

MSXII is proud to present an all new concept of hybrid kits. First up in this format is the Fuzz & Drums collection! This kit features what you like most about MSXII Sound Design; drums, stems, and breaks! All packaged up in a format that compliments each other, you will find a new, “baby” Sammich Kit, brand new, unheard of breaks, AND stem files of the concept project. Fuzz and Drums is built around heavy guitar, organ, and bass processing for a sound reminiscent of the great 60’s and 70’s era of music. This construction pack is great for looping as is or chopping the material into brand new patterns for your taste. Make no mistake about it, this kit is fire!

Jam the demo which features an original sample (processed through telephone amps for protection), that same sample chopped, and then put to bed nicely over a drum pattern from the “baby” Sammich Kit in Fuzz & Drums. Cop it now!

The sample pack is available from Prime Loops for £16.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops