Muletone Audio has released two Brazilian Series instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Brazilian Series: Surdo 2 features a selection of 3 .nki rhythms files with 3 different tempos and more than 160 loops, alongside single hits.

The Surdo is a Brazilian bass drum usually made of wood or metal with skin on both sides. Traditionally used in samba and other derivative styles the surdo has been within this niche since the carnival in the 1920’s remaining relevant to this day in typical modern musical styles of Brazil.

Brazilian Series: Bacurinha also contains 3 .nki rhythms files with 3 different tempos and more than 180 loops, as well as single hits and FX.

The Bacurinha emerged in the 90s, having a smaller size than the Repinique. Initially designed to follow the Timbal in the Axés and the Timbalada, the Bacurinha had a new role in Brazilian music with a new language and its own style within the Pagode Baiano.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher, the libraries are on sale at an introductory 20% discount for a limited time (regular $17.99 USD each).

More information: Muletone Audio