Waves Audio has announced that you can now get the new MultiMod Rack creative multiband distortion free if you own at least two of Waves’ latest distortion plugins.

MultiMod Rack lets you blend versatile distortion flavors from the Abbey Road Saturator, Berzerk, and MDMX plugins and mix multiband distortion with surgical control over separate frequency areas of your source. It allows you to produce creative distortion FX using the rack’s powerful modulators.

Step up to next-level distortion with the powerhouse multiband modulation rack for Waves’ latest distortion plugins. Create the wildest palette of modulatable distortion FX and achieve multiband distortion with surgical precision.

When you’re mixing music, you want precision; dialing in the right distortion in the right places. And when you’re producing music, you want a tool that will constantly surprise you, complementing your production ideas with musical responses that re-energize the feel of the track.

Owners of at least two of the eligible plugins can get MultiMod Rack registered in their account for free.

More information: MultiMod Rack