MultiTrackStudio has been updated to version 4.02.

MultitrackStudio is audio/MIDI multitrack recording software for Windows which combines a multitrack recorder, a mixer, lots of effects and a MIDI sequencer in one package: everything that’s needed to turn your computer into a digital multitrack sound recording studio.

Fixed in v4.02

  • Normalizing a silent part caused an error
  • Notation editor: clicking an extremely short note (like 1/256) hangs the program
  • Some DirectX plugins weren’t recognized
  • Saving MIDI tracks as audio: MIDI controllers at the start of the file were ignored sometimes
  • “Multiple stream” MIDI files: the track editor sometimes showed old data
  • Sampler used more memory than necessary
  • Pro Plus edition only: rare but nasty error that bothered some SoundBlaster Live! users (but could happen with any soundcard in theory)
  • A couple of other minor fixes

Visit MultiTrackStudio for more information and a link to download a lite version.