Muse Group has announced the release of the latest version the Audacity audio editor and recorder.

Audacity 3.2 takes leaps toward being an end-to-end production tool with the addition of real-time effects support, non-destructive editing, VST3 support, UX and UI improvements, and notably, quick audio sharing with the newly launched

Free to all audio creators, allows creators to easily share audio files by simply sending a link to intended recipients. A better way to share online, empowers creatives to create their own catalog of original audio. Creators can make their own profile with a biography, link to their social profiles, easily upload their audio files either publicly or privately, and share projects in their account using it as cloud storage.

“Since Muse Group’s acquisition of Audacity in 2021, the intention has remained clear — to improve Audacity’s functionality and features for an easier user experience,” said Martin Keary, Head of Product at Audacity. “The combination of Audacity 3.2 with quick audio sharing and cloud storage brings freely accessible music software to creators everywhere. This is an important step on our journey of turning a much-loved audio tool into a fully-fledged DAW.”

“The addition of further empowers creators to build their own portfolio of original audio,” said Lukas Lyrestam, Head of Product at “By either exporting it from Audacity or directly uploading it on, anyone now has the opportunity to easily create and share their original sound with the world, be it music or podcast.”

With Audacity 3.2, effects and crossfades can now be adjusted in real-time, allowing for changes in timing and precise edits while listening to audio — a game-changing feature for many creators. Audacity 3.2 also brings improved non-destructive audio capabilities, where creators can tweak the effects without changes being permanently written into the audio file.

Virtual Studio Technology (VST3 support) is also enhanced with the new production update. Audacity 3.2 delivers a more streamlined experience for creators with a completely rewritten code base, providing the most stable and reliable VST platform to date.

For user experience, Audacity 3.2 introduces a clearer and more consistent set of visuals in the top bar for a smoother editing experience, with the audio output bar and volume slider combined for more efficient functionality. A new ‘Audio Setup’ option also allows for quick and easy changes to input, mic and output settings. Muse Group is continuing to develop the product through user experience feedback, which will be available through regular updates.

Audacity 3.2 for Windows, macOS and Linux is available to creators globally for free.

More information: Audacity