Yurt Rock has announced the release of a new drum library by Curt “Kirkee B.” Bisquera. The Curt Rock Volume 2 library goes even deeper into Curt’s grooves, providing multi-track audio in addition to the stereo loops and samples.

You’ll enjoy having full sonic control over every element of the kit including kick, snare, toms, overheads room, and more.

With eight complete sessions covering styles like folk, r&b, blues, hip hop, jazz, and rock, Curt Rock Volume 2 features hundreds of loops broken down by song structure, making it easy for you to quickly build your own custom arrangments with different intros, verses, choruses, bridges, and endings. Just drag and drop into any DAW and start composing.

The stereo version of the sample pack is on sale for the intro price of $39 USD instead of $49 USD, while the multi-track edition is $69 USD instead of $79 USD for a limited time only.

More information: Yurt Rock