MusicDevelopments has released version 1.2 of RapidComposer, a rapid music prototyping software designed for composers, song-writers and musicians of all musical styles.

RapidComposer is a unique, non-destructive, parametric phrase-based music composition software.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or simply ready to take your music to the next level, RapidComposer is the complete solution you need for faster and more productive music composition.

Changes in RapidComposer v1.2

  • Phrase Morphing tool.
  • Guitar Fingerpicking Generator included.
  • Audio track support.
  • “Override Chord” button to override master track chords from the MIDI keyboard.
  • Track color can be specified.
  • Phrase name is optionally displayed over the phrases.
  • New track icons with pop-up help.
  • Pressing right Shift during phrase dragging means ‘transpose only’.
  • VSTi compatibility improvements (SampleTank, DirectWave no longer crashes).
  • UI improvements and bug fixes.
  • Three tutorials posted on (Working With Phrases, Phrase Morphing, Importing MIDI With Autoharmonization).

RapidComposer is available to purchase for $295 USD. The update is available to download by pressing the “Check For Updates” button in the demo or in the full version of RapidComposer.

More information: MusicDevelopments