MusicDevelopments has released version 1.6 of RapidComposer and RapidComposer LE, its music prototyping application for Windows.

RapidComposer is a unique, non-destructive, parametric phrase-based music composition software.

The update focuses on improved chord selection and chord progression editing but it also contains several bug fixes.

Changes in RapidComposer v1.6

  • New chord selector and chord palette with many options.
  • Progression editor was rewritten to provide more functionality e.g. chord suggestions, various coloring and preview options.
  • New soundfonts (pad and bass) included for chord preview.
  • New variation: Velocity Generator to set velocity values of a phrase/track by a function and its automatable parameters.
  • New variation: MIDI Echo with swing option.
  • Smart displaying of overlapped notes in two styles.
  • Harmonization improvements: manual selection of chords to complement automatic harmonization decisions.
  • Chord database cleaned up; dozens of new chords added; naming convention became 7b5#9 instead of 7-5+9.
  • Selected phrase notes are displayed in shades of grey depending on velocity.
  • New keyboard shortcuts: TAB (toggle phrase/note editing), ‘1’, ‘2’ (hide/show the left and middle panels
  • Beats counted from 1 instead of 0.
  • Transposition is taken into account when glueing phrases.
  • Bug fix: in some cases exported midi file had inaccurate timing.
  • Bug fix: interval detection did not work properly.
  • Bug fix: beat alignment was rewritten.
  • Bug fix: several issues with Undo fixed.
  • Bug fix: structure tab rendering fixed when velocity envelope was displayed in note editing mode.
  • Bug fix: file selectors did not become the foreground window.

RapidComposer for Windows is available to purchase for $295 USD. RapidComposer LE is $99 USD (prices excl. VAT).

More information: MusicDevelopments