MusicDevelopments has released an free update to the RapidComposer 4 music prototyping software for Windows and Mac.

Version 4.5 features advanced MIDI CC editing and the possibility to attach MIDI CC envelopes to phrases and notes. Several features from the full edition have been added to the light edition. The plugins use a new UI engine that supports Retina screens, and the UI was improved on Retina and HiDPI screens.

Changes in RapidComposer v4.5

  • Reworked MIDI CC and parameter editing with curves (exponential or S-curve) or individual events.
  • Reworked MIDI CC processing with improved precision (floating point values). 14-bit MIDI CC’s are supported.
  • Add MIDI CC’s for phrases and notes (in the Phrase Editor). Controller data are attached to phrases/notes as you move them and can be saved.
  • New LE features: articulations and melody generators were added to the light edition.
  • [Plug-ins] The UI engine was replaced in the plug-ins. As a result retina screens are also supported in the plug-ins on macOS.
  • Dozens of UI changes to improve the UI on Retina (macOS) and HiDPI (Windows) screens.
  • Double-clicking on the timeline selection will zoom into the selection.
  • Horizontal zoom on the timeline is very smooth now (in Composition, Phrase Editor, Melody Editor, MIDI Mutator).
  • Instrument menu better organized in the track inspector.
  • Articulations included for Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra Kontakt library and the four sections of Red Room Audio Palette Kontakt library (contribution by Jose Eulogio Sanguino Payan).
  • Fixed: when using default.rcCOMP for new compositions, it is not overwritten for a ‘Save’.
  • Fixed crash when dropping a phrase on another one and selecting ‘Replace Phrase’.
  • Fixed a rare crash during editing a phrase generator.
  • Bugs of MIDI recording fixed (crashes and recording offset).
  • User guide updated: a new chapter added explaining MIDI CC editing.
  • Many stability improvements.

Available for Windows and Mac (Standalone, VST/VST3, AU/AU MFX) is available to purchase at a 40% discount until December 31st, 2022. Melodya, MIDI Mutator, and Syne are also 40% off during the Holiday Sale.

More information: MusicDevelopments