Mutools releases MuVerb VST, free reverb effect plugin

Mutools MuVerb VST

Mutools has released MuVerb VST, a free reverb effect plug-in for Windows.

MuVerb VST is MUTOOLS’ first VST plug-in based on the MU.LAB technology.

MuVerb VST is currently only available in a free test version for Windows. It will be further developed in the future, alongside other MU.LAB based VST plug-ins i.e. the planned MUX VST.

Although it’s a bit more cpu hungry (free test version), this MuVerb VST plug-in is a very nice sounding reverb and you’re free to use it as you please.

More information: Mutools / MuVerb VST

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MuVerb update out now:
– Includes a filter that colors the reverb only.
– Decay Time up to 100%.
– Instability parameter transformed into Turbulence Amp + Speed.
– Restyled editor.