MuTools has updated its MuLab music studio for Mac and Windows and MUX Modular flexible modular synth and effect plugin to version 7.3, featuring a scalable GUI.

Mutools MuLab 7

MuTools has released MuLab & MUX Modular 7.3 featuring a scalable GUI so you can adapt the GUI scale to your monitor resolution and eye comfort.
M7.3 also features a new Plug-In Slot module and a bunch of other nice improvements.

Changes in MuLab / MUX Modular v7.3

  • The whole GUI now is rescalable up to 200%. See the “GUI Scale” preference.
    • A rescalable UI is relevant for users using high-res monitors and/or who need an increased size for eye comfort. Also relevant wrt touch-screens.
    • Screens are getting bigger and bigger and hence the MuLab & MUX GUI was getting smaller and smaller on those screens.
    • This new feature handles that.
  • New “Plug-In Slot” module. It’s like a single rack slot and can be put on a front panel.
  • Preferences panel now includes a search field.
  • All tree lists: Improved search behavior:
    • Starts searching from the cursor downwards, eventually looping to the start of the list.
    • [Ctrl]+G searches again for the next match.
    • After 1 sec, typing new characters for the search string will create a new search string.
  • Popup value dialogs could be positioned on a improper position. Fixed.
  • Text inputs: Improved and more compliant behavior, including support for undo, stepping/selecting thru words by holding Ctrl, …
  • VST editors: Finetuned layout when the VST editor itself is smaller than the minimum width for the host wrapper window.
  • Project browser -> Audio Files: Support for selecting multiple files.
  • Renaming Tracks, Racks, etc…: The current name is always filled into the edit field, even when it’s using the automatic name.
  • Moving windows via [Alt]+drag border does not limit the window at the top anymore, the window is freely movable.
  • Added protection against resizing the top of a window into the non-accessible area of the main screen, eg. avoid dragging the top of a window under the MacOS title bar area.
  • MuLab top keyboard now takes all width it can take.
  • Step sequencer: When the composition is cycling, then in a very exceptional case the step sequencer could be confused about the start of a bar/beat/loop and hence only start playing the pattern a bar/beat/loop later. Fixed.
  • Dropping an Input/Output module on a rack slot caused a crash. Fixed.
  • Resizing a MUX front panel, making it too small resulted in odd behavior. Fixed.
  • Fixed a potential sonic bug in the noise generator.
  • Added “Right-Click Deletes Notes” preference.
  • MUX VST: When editing meta-parameters, in some hosts there could be an editing lag. Fixed.
  • More detailed log file wrt. diagnosing VST issues.

MuLab and MUX Modular are available 69 EUR and 59 EUR, respectively, and a bundle of both is 99 EUR.

More information: MuTools