MykraWaves (formerly MykraSound) has released MykraFilterGainer and MykraPumpa, two VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.


MykraFilterGainer is a steep filter with a clickable gain-graph to set the output level of the filter for a given cut-off frequency.

Useful for attenuating peaks that occur when sweeping a resonant filter over audio that contains a high level of sound matching the cut-off frequency. Also great for boosting overall signal level that is lost as a result of filtering; keeping your sound heard in the mix.

MykraFilterGainer v1.4 features

  • Three filter types: Low pass, High pass & Band pass.
  • Clickable gain-graph.
  • Optional soft-clipping on output.


MykraPumpa is a compressor effect plug-in.

If your sequencer of choice doesn’t support side-chaining, or you just want a quick and hassle-free way of getting that popular pumping house sound…you need MykraPumpa! With automatic host BPM syncing, you just load it in wherever you need pumping!

MykraPumpa doesn’t need to be fed a kick drum or bass line to react to – it just pumps away on beat (or whatever measure you select for ‘Beat Length). However, in ‘Manual’ mode you can click the ‘Pumpmeter’ to record-in freestyle automation data for any pumping pattern you require!

MykraPumpa features

  • Adjustable ‘Pump’ amount, from ‘slight ducking’ to ‘down to nothing’ amplitude pumping effects.
  • Manual mode allows freestyle recording of automation data by clicking the ‘Pumpmeter’.
  • Change pump timing with ‘Beat Length’ setting.
  • With ‘Always’ mode ON, pumping continues even when host is stopped.

MykraFilterGainer and MykraPumpa will soon be available purchase as VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC, priced at £5 GBP each. Demo version can be downloaded from the MykraWaves website.

MykraWaves has also released updates for MykraDelay (v3.0) and MykraChorus (v2.0), two freeware effect plug-ins.

More information: MykraWaves