Best Service Halls of Fame: Origami Edition

SoundsOnDemand has released a free version of Halls of Fame: Origami Edition, a real-time impulse response processor for Windows and Mac featuring 41 selected presets of the best studio reverb hardware units ever.

Never before have impulse responses been achieved so faithfully from vintage and digital reverb classics in one convenient and easy to use convolution reverb processor plug-in with all the original presets and more!

Halls of Fame: Origami Edition Free features

  • Includes IR presets from the following 13 legends: AKG BX20, EMT 240/250, LEX 224XL/480L/300/960L/PCM 96, Reverb 6000, Bric M7, RO R-880, QRS 2496, Even T 2016.
  • This edition – based on yellow tools ORIGAMI – enters a totally new dimension in real-time IR processing with great presets of reverb units each in stereo and true stereo format.
  • Interfaces: VST/AU/RTAS, Mac & PC format includes all operating systems.

Halls of Fame: Origami Edition Free is available to download from SoundsOnDemand.

More information: SoundsOnDemand / Halls of Fame: Origami Edition Free