Myst Sonic has released Chinese Pipe-GuanZi and AC Clean Modulator, two new sampled instruments for Kontakt.

From the Chinese Pipe-GuanZi product page:

As part of Silk Road history, GuanZi (also called Bili) is a main double reed wind instrument since Zhou Dynasty. It often plays with depicted in early Western Regions nomatic poetry, and its sound can be quite colorful, sometimes soft, sometimes thick, and sometimes raucous, very wide range tone expression change dynamic.

Myst Sonic Chinese Pipe-GuanZi

Chinese Pipe-GuanZi features

  • Designed for live performance (just one assignable controller required).
  • Mod wheel for multi expressions, staccato, vibrato sounds, and crossfade between soft and
    sharp sounding samples.
  • Realistic expression filter, changes in real-time.
  • Assignable keyswitches setting.
  • Online video manual.

From the AC Clean Modulator product page:

AC Clean Modulator is based on Carbon Graphite pickup saddle structure with Mic/Line sample crossfade function clean tone simulator sample instrument. Carbon Graphite is a kind of material that has been already known in use on many Hi-End Speaker system products, and it also does very good sonic translate as well.

By using mod wheel to swap or crossfade tones between Mic and Line-in samples in realtime or using panel effect knob tuning with controller. As a morphable clean tone generator, it is possible in simulating various sounds.

Myst Sonic AC Clean Modulator

AC Clean Modulator features

  • Carbon Graphite saddle pickup structure.
  • Mod wheel / Midi CC assignable swap and crossfade between Mic / Line samples.
  • Various tone simulation using Mic / Line sample crossfade + pannel effect controller knob tuning.
  • Virtual Bending Pitch Wheel System program provide note pitch change separately.
  • Portamento change velocity trigger: When vel level is up to 126~127, the note that played becomes portamento automatically.
  • Multi keymap selection: by using midi controller, it can be re-mapped to 4 different sample keymap scales. (i.e. neck sample=C0~C2 body sample=C3~C4, then re-mapped as neck sample=C3~4 body sample=C0~2) This is extremely useful for when you are using a 61~37 key keyboard which is not enough to play full range scales.

Chinese Pipe-GuanZi and AC Clean Modulator are available for 39 EUR each.

Visit Myst Sonic for more information and audio demos.