Silence+Other Sounds has announced the release of its brand new Kontakt instrument library Mystery Box Vol. 2, featuring a collection of experimental resonances.

The library includes over 290 samples and 8 Kontakt instruments to shape the sounds in various ways, allowing to turn them into eerie pads, tuned percussions, intriguing rhythmic combinations and more.

We’ve selected and recorded a variety of resonant metals, from large junk bins to springs of different sizes and materials, from orchestral chimes to resonant bowls, plates and drums. Subsequently, we’ve digitally analyzed, re-synthesized and manipulated them by using a number of sound design techniques : the result is a collection of unique dark cinematic sounds, which sits on the edge between the authentic, organic character of the original samples and a more left-field, experimental sonic identity.

From heavy impacts to warped metallic transitions, from larger than life tympani to surreal chimes and metallophones, from spacey textures to synched clocks and rhythms, Mystery Box 2 comes with plenty of innovative sounds to enrich and diversify the sonic palette of any composer and producer.

Mystery Box Vol. 2 is on sale for the introductory price of $19 USD (regular $29 USD). A purchase also includes Transfer Lite for free and a 50% discount coupon for select products from Silence+Other Sounds and Zero-G.

This offer is valid for a limited time only.

More information: Silence+Other Sounds