Mystery Islands has announced the upcoming version 2.0 of its JP-80×0 Editor Plugin for Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 synthesizers.

Version 2.0 of the editor plug-in comes with a Librarian.

There has been a lot request emails, facebook chats etc about this long waited new feature we are pleased to announce today. Librarian!

JP-80×0 plugin has walked the line for almost an year now with great overall success. Now it’s time for us to give something back to you and we have been working hard to get you the librarian mode. This means you can scroll thru midi & sysex files within the JP-80×0 plugin and use that data as you wish in terms of common sense. ;)

Changes in JP-80×0 Editor v2.0

  • Full librarian browser to view, edit and store MIDI and SysEx content from hard-drive.
  • Patch and performance data can be sent to JP-8000 / JP-8080 directly from the plug-in.
  • Upper and Lower layer patch name can be viewed and set.
  • Option to load single patches in upper or lower layer of active performance.
  • Velocity sensitivity controls for both layers individually.
  • Performance and Remote MIDI channels can be set from the plug-in UI.
  • Init patch and performance banks included.
  • GUI elements has been worked out.

The update is scheduled for release in March / April 2014. It will be free to existing users of the
JP-80×0 AudioUnit & VSTi Editor Plugin.

More information: Mystery Islands / JP-80×0 Editor Plugin