Native Instruments has announced the release of released Maschine+, Komplete 13, Guitar Rig 6 Pro, and Cremona Quartet, as well as a highly-anticipated new workflow update to the Maschine 2 software.

Maschine 2.12

Released today, this much anticipated update introduces the new Clips workflow.

Clips lets producers arrange ideas in Maschine with even more freedom, making it possible to create transitions across scenes, add unique variation to patterns, record MIDI directly into the full arrangement, and freely add audio wherever required.

The update is available now – free to all owners of the Maschine 2 software.


The release of Maschine 2.12 coincides with the launch of Maschine+, the new flagship standalone production and performance instrument from NI, which is out today.

Maschine+ has generated a lot of excitement since it was announced just a few weeks ago – as well many questions about what it can and can’t do. NI’s resident Maschine specialist Boris Mezga has addressed some of the most frequently asked questions in this new video, shared below.

Guitar Rig 6 Pro

Guitar Rig 6 Pro sees a much-anticipated update to the amp and effects modelling platform.

Users can now hear the new amplifiers, Chicago, Bass Invader, and Fire Breather, in action on the Native Instruments website.

The new amps are powered by Native’s new ICM (Intelligent Circuit Modelling) – a new machine-learning approach to modelling amp circuitry with greater depth and realism.

Cremona Quartet

Three new instruments join this year’s acclaimed Stradivari Violin to form Cremona Quartet.

The incredible sounds and nuances of some of the world’s rarest and most valuable strings are captured in stunning detail with Amati Viola, Guarneri Violin, and Stradivari Cello.

Each instrument in the quartet was recorded by virtuoso performers in a bespoke environment at their home in Cremona, Italy, which itself fell silent and rerouted traffic during the recording process.

Cremona Quartet is out today.

Komplete 13

Both Cremona Quartet and Guitar Rig 6 Pro can be found in Komplete 13 – the latest generation of Native’s flagship production suite, which sees the addition of some of the biggest releases from the last two years including Arkhis, Mysteria, Pharlight, Straylight, Super 8, Session Guitarist – Electric Sunburst Deluxe, and Noire.

Native has teamed up with Sanjay C to create a video exploring some of the YouTuber’s favorite new additions to the Komplete 13 lineup.

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