Native Instruments has announced a promotion on the Light Trilogy, offering a 50% discount on the bundle of instruments that are designed to offer endless granular exploration.

For a limited time, save even more on STRAYLIGHT, PHARLIGHT, and ASHLIGHT with 50% off the LIGHT TRILOGY. From dark invocations, to vocal experiments, and sci-fi excursions, this bundle offers three powerful granular engines for cinematic composers. Plus, discover the newly updated sounds and features of ASHLIGHT.

Straylight features one-of-a-kind cinematic soundscapes, transitions, and ambient tones; Pharlight explores the organic timbre and tone of the human voice through granular synthesis, while Ashlight delves into the darker side of granular synthesis with throbbing textures, muted keys, and cold atmospheres.

The newly updated Ashlight introduces additional bass amp drive colors, new reverb capabilities, and Shaper module enhancements for producing rhythmic swells and pulses. Loop points can also be added to your own samples now, and version 1.5 comes with a new range of captivating presets.

Regularly 399 USD/EUR, the Light Trilogy is on sale for 199.50 USD/EUR until May 29th, 2022.

More information: Native Instruments