Native Instruments Absynth Spectral Expansion

Native Instruments has released Absynth Spectral Expansion, a new KORE SoundPack featuring 200 brand-new Absynth sounds.

ABSYNTH SPECTRAL EXPANSION fully exploits the organic character of this unique synthesizer, particularly through the powerful “Wave Morphing” feature of ABSYNTH 4, and remains profoundly musical in its nature. It perfectly compliments the existing libraries, and can also be used directly within ABSYNTH 4.

As a counterpoint to the complex, evolving soundscapes of ABSYNTH TWILIGHTS, this new pack contains a wealth of highly playable sounds including bass, pads, piano, keys, bells and much more. Sophisticated sound programming is made simple via KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER, with the Macro Controls giving direct access to all essential parameters of each individual sound.

Absynth Spectral Expansion features

  • 200 KoreSounds (+ 1,600 sound variations).
  • Sound Categories: Pads, Piano, Keys, Bells, Soundscapes, Bass, Leads, Choirs, Sequences, Plucked Sounds, Spectral Blocks.
  • The sounds in this KORE SOUNDPACK are 100% compatible with the ABSYNTH 4 full version and are not contained in the ABSYNTH 4 factory library.

Absynth Spectral Expansion is available as a digital download from the NI Online Shop for $59 USD / 49 EUR.

Visit Native Instruments for more information and audio & video demos.