Native Instruments has introduced a new Kontakt Player-powered instrument in collaboration with Tobias Menguser of 10 Phantom Rooms.

A unique new cinematic sequencing engine, Schema: Dark allows you to create, dark, driving patterns and pulses.

Built around a 16-step sequencer, the instrument lets you layer expertly sound-designed variations of orchestral, synthetic, and field-recorded loops, with editable patterns for each layer, intuitive macro knobs, mix controls, and studio-grade effects.

Subterranean sound design meets a brand-new sequencing engine and near-limitless flexibility – SCHEMA: DARK delivers the rhythmic backbone of dark, narrative scores with a bespoke array of sound sources processed for driving cinematic effect.

Available to purchase for 149 USD/EUR, Schema: Dark includes 1,732 sound sources and 343 snapshots.

More information: Native Instruments