Isotonik Studios has announced CrossFire by nativeKONTROL, an Ableton Live control surface script for the Akai Fire controller.

CrossFire transforms the Akai Fire into a powerful Control Surface for Ableton Live.

While it’s primary focus is on Drum Rack control and sequencing, it includes many other features (such as Clip/Scene launching and selected Track control) that make it a great, all-around control option for Live.

CrossFire features

  • Step Mode for step-sequencing into MIDI Clips with powerful step editing features that allow you to modify aspects of steps such as their velocity and position.
  • Note Mode for playing instruments with various scales and layouts.
  • Drum Mode for playing Drum Racks or other drum-like instruments. This Mode includes 16 Levels functionality for playing a drum sound at 16 different velocity levels. Also included is Cycle Sequence functionality, which allows you to record and playback sequences of one or more notes from a single pad.
  • Performance Mode for launching, duplicating and deleting Clips and Scenes. This Mode also includes the ability to stop, mute, solo, select and arm Tracks.
  • Chain and User Chain Modes for controlling parameters of the selected Drum Rack pad with easy to use and intelligent user mapping capabilities.
  • Mixer and User Mixer Modes for controlling parameters of the selected Track with easy to use and intelligent user mapping capabilities.
  • Global Mode for controlling global parameters such as tempo and global quantization.
  • Easy loading and hotswapping for Drum Racks.
  • Transport, navigation and view-related control.
  • Note Repeat functionality that allows pads to produce a stream of continuous, rhythmic notes at different rates.
  • Note Delete and Erase for easy editing of MIDI Clip data.
  • Track Locking for maintaining control over a particular Track even while you (or someone else you’re working with) navigate to other Tracks in the Set.
  • Max for Live Integration with included documentation, devices and objects that make re-purposing controls in Max for Live devices a breeze.

CrossFire is available for £17 GBP ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: Isotonik Studios