NatLife Sounds has announced the release of a new soundset for the Krome music workstation by Korg.

Cybertrance V1 delivers sounds suitable for Cyberpunk, Trance, and Synthwave.

Nothing else will sound like Krome, because of 128 Polyphony, which gives you a full inspiration of retro vibes.

But on the other side, it’s completed with beautiful Trance Plucks, and deep lush Pads, which can be great for both styles. Also, it has a great pack of amazing retro ARP Basslines, specially made for Synthwave and Cyberpunk. And of course, the main sounds what you waiting from it – Leads, it has a very rich and warm vibe, which will not leave you without feeling to this sound.

Cybertrance V1 for Korg Krome features

  • 16 Leads.
  • 6 SFX.
  • 9 Plucks.
  • 8 Pads.
  • 7 Keys.
  • 2 AAH.
  • 9 Bass (incl. ARP Basslines).

The soundset costs 28 EUR.

Also available is a collection of 64 patches for the Zen Core synthesis system by Roland: True Trance Sounds V1.

True Trance Sounds V1 – Massive soundbank for Roland Zen Core family, which includes Zenology/Pro, Fantom, Jupiter X/XM, MC707/101, Zenbeat, RD-88, Verselab MV-1, and Axe-Edge.

The sound palette of this pack comes from the end of 90′ and early 2000′. From beautiful Trance Plucks, powerful Leads, deep and strong basses to smooth Keys and floating Pads. It includes some of the most exciting sounds of those years, like Supersaw, M1 Bass. Of course not without more modern sounds, many of which you can hear here. It’s the first true sound library that opens the full power of the Zen Core engine.

True Trance Sounds V1 for Zen Core features

  • 4 Bells/Clav.
  • 19 Synth Bases.
  • 13 Plucks.
  • 5 AAH/Choirs.
  • 9 Leads.
  • 9 Pad/Strings.
  • 1 ARP.
  • 4 Synth/Sound FXs.
  • 4 Poly/Keys.

The sound libraries is available for purchase for 32 EUR.

More information: NatLife Sounds