Neural DSP has announced version 2.0 of Archetype: Plini, featuring a built-in tuner, MIDI support, improved preset navigation, and much more.

We worked closely with Plini to capture and recreate every distinct sonic aspect of what makes his gear unique. This plugin captures the go-to tones that Plini used live and in the studio. It’s a complete plugin, with 5 sections, and multiple options for the amplifiers.

Neural DSP partnered with Plini to bring you this awesome product: Compressor pedal, Overdrive pedal, Clean/Crunch/Lead amplifiers, Graphic EQ, Stereo Delay pedal and Reverb pedal.

In addition to the accurate analog emulation of this product, we added a Cab Simulation block where you can find a pack of carefully recorded impulses specially designed by Neural.

Changes in Archetype: Plini 2.0

  • AUTO DEMO was implemented. Trials no longer need an activation code to be activated.
  • BUILT-IN TUNER is now available in both versions, plugin and standalone.
  • All versions received MIDI SUPPORT. Now you can assign MIDI commands to control plugin parameters, UI components, and presets files.
  • CLICKABLE ARROWS were implemented to improve the preset navigation.
  • The noise-gate was updated with adaptive release.
  • The cabsim now features mic level compensation in all mics.-New high resolution renders for all elements on the screen.
  • STEREO MODE: Stereo Switch now pans the microphones internally as dual instance.
  • White-noise when the plugin is loaded in a 96Khz audio session. FIXED.
  • Mix knob on Reverb UI was randomly not representing the parameter value. Moving the Knob on the UI would update the parameter. FIXED.
  • Cabsim change the sound of IRs loaded in it. FIXED.
  • Muted bounces in Studio One. FIXED.
  • Mic gain knob middle value isn’t located at “12 o’clock”. FIXED.
  • Plugin isn’t listed under “Harmonics” in Pro Tools. FIXED.
  • Multiple bugs are now fixed to improve stability, graphic performance, and audio issues.

Archetype: Plini is available in 64-bit VST, AU and AAX plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac, priced 119 EUR / $139 USD. The update is free to owners of Archetype: Plini.

More information: Neural DSP