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Neural DSP Archetype Plini 2

Neural DSP releases Archetype: Plini 2.0 guitar amp & fx plugin

Neural DSP has announced version 2.0 of Archetype: Plini, featuring a built-in tuner, MIDI support, improved preset navigation, and much more. We worked closely with...
Neural DSP Granophyre

Neural DSP releases Omega Ampworks Granophyre amplifier effect

Neural DSP has announced the release of the Omega Ampworks Granophyre effect plugin, which offers an algorithmically perfect model of the original amplifier. When we...
Neural DSP Quad Cortex

Neural DSP Quad Cortex floor modeler available to preoder

Neural DSP has announced the Quad Cortex, a hardware floor modeler unit that uses the same modeling methods of Neural DSP's plugins. Quad Cortex features...
Neural DSP Abasi feat

Neural DSP’s new Archetype Abasi plugin features 3 unique amps

Neural DSP Technologies has announced the release of Archetype: Abasi, a guitar effect suite featuring three unique amplifiers meticulously designed from the ground up...
Neural DSP Archetype Nolly feat

Neural DSP launches Archetype: Nolly guitar amp & fx effect plugin

Neural DSP Technologies has announced the release of Archetype: Nolly, an effect plugin featuring tube amplifier models, a rich collection of effects, 9-band graphic...
Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Plugin

Neural DSP releases Fortin Nameless Plugin virtual guitar amplifier

Neural DSP has launched a guitar amplifier effect plugin that brings the sound of Mike Fortin's amps. The Fortin Nameless Plugin features an amplifier with...
Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Plugins

Neural DSP releases Darkglass Ultra Plugins: B7K Ultra & Vintage Ultra

Neural DSP has partnered with Darkglass Electronics to release Darkglass Ultra Plugins, a plugin modeled on Darkglass's Ultra pedal series for bass guitar players. The...

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