New Sonic Arts has released Vice, a loop sampler and slicer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Quickly load loops from the integrated loop browser, slice them in an instant with the intelligent transient detection algorithm and effortlessly export your grooves to your DAW via MIDI drag and drop.

Want to get deeper? Then delve into Vice’s vast sound-sculpting FX and modulation capabilities, including 4 x FX inserts per-slice, plus seamless DAW integration thanks to the 8 x multiple outputs and comprehensive MIDI and host-automation assignment features.

Vice features

  • Sampling Engine
    • Ultra-efficient 32bit stereo sampling engine.
    • Unlimited Slices.
    • Individual Envelopes, FX and Modulation per-slice.
    • 8 x stereo outputs.
  • Slicing
    • 4 x Slice Modes.
    • Fine adjustment of slices, snap to zero-crossing.
    • All Mode for editing all slices simultaneously.
  • Modulation
    • Modulation Matrix per Slice.
    • PitchBend, ModWheel and Velocity MIDI Sources.
    • AHD Modulation Envelope Source.
    • Morphable, tempo-syncable LFO Source.
    • 2 x Random Sources.
    • 17 x modulation Destinations.
  • FX
    • 4 x FX slots per Slice.
    • 8 x FX algorithms.
    • Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass.
    • Shape (compression and drive).
    • AM.
    • Frequency Shifter.
    • SampleRate.
    • BitDepth.
  • File Support
    • WAV and AIFF.
    • Native .VI format
      • High-speed file format.
      • Optional loop embedding.
    • Embed samples in host projects for portability.

Vice for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/standalone) is available for purchase for the introductory price of $59 USD / 59 EUR for a limited time only (regular $79 USD / 79 EUR).

More information: New Sonic Arts / Vice